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Just Because you’re an ex-felon or Black. You should not be profiled in a state with medical cannabi

Just Because you’re an ex-felon or Black. You should not be profiled in a state with medical cannabis. We are seeing more and more minorities being pulled over in legal cannabis states and being searched on the base of smell alone.

The USSC has upheld that searching on the base cannibis alone is not probable cause to search. Its time for residence living in legal states to stand up. Your 4th amendment should not violated in a legal medical cannabis state.

USSC should recognize this matter as a total violation of our 4th amendment rights. When states decides to go medical, subsequently they loose the right to search based on smell alone.

Today we see officers try and use the useless excuse that the law for alcohol is compared to cannabis. When clearly it's not. Alcohol can not be sold in resealable sealed containers, cannibis can! Cannibis hold a very strong smell that can linger for hours and sometimes days. Even with masking agents to cover the smell. When entering a cannabis dispensary you can smell the order of cannabis. That alone shows no comparison of the two. If you walk in a liquor store and smell alcohol. You can bet it's a bottle open somewhere near by.

I'm planning to shead more light on this 4th amendment violation that's currently happening in legal states.

If you are a victim of a 4th amendment violation and need cunsulting about the situation. Please feel free to reach out.

Its not legal it's a crime and against your human and Civil rights to be illegally searched!

Dr. Warren Barconia

Human Rights Cunsultant

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